Watermelon Granita – So Refreshing For Summer

If you need a super refreshing summer dessert that’s light and wonderful then look no further.  This Watermelon Granita is super easy to make and you may not even need to add sugar.  Super delicious – you can find the recipe for the Granita here at Bon Appetit’s website – full of great summer ideas.  A bit of mint […]

Thai Coconut Rice Salad – Delish!

This Thai Coconut Salad is amazing.  Such wonderful flavors and great on its own or paired with grilled chicken or fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. The cashews add a dash of extra flavor as well as a luxury factor that cashews always lend. It’s filling and chock full of fresh vegetables and herbs.  It’s a staple […]

Mo’s Smoked Gouda Spread

So apparently there’s this wonderful man at a Whole Foods Market  in California who developed this famous Smoked Gouda Spread. It’s SO AMAZING that they now sell it at all of the stores. I typically don’t purchase too many cheese spreads or cheeses at stores in general because – hey – I have tons of that stuff […]

Salmon Wrap – Hello Goodness!

I love it when people take wraps up a notch or two and this recipe from Taming of the Spoon definitely does just that.  You can find their exact recipe Here but honestly, it needs little direction.  You just use a wrap to combine your guacamole, roasted salmon, bacon and a bit of romaine or spinach and you are completely […]

Vegetarian Falafel Summer Salad

Summer salads that are light and healthy are great for Meatless Monday.  After a weekend of dinner parties and meals out I always like to start lighter when the week begins anew.  This recipe from Pure Ella  is a delicious way to mix up your weekday dinner routine:  Falafel Salad Recipe.

Beautiful Summer Crostini Station

A crostini station can be a wonderful way to add some glam to your next summer gathering.  With enough care and foresight, you can take your inspiration from above and realize all of the ways to add beauty and natural yum to your little station.  The more intriguing bits & bites you can mix in – […]

Bacon Turkey Club Wrap – So Simple & So Good!

This is such a simple Bacon Turkey Club Wrap but it’s so yummy. Some people do it with just large Romaine lettuce leaves wrapped around turkey and bacon and tomatoes but we prefer whole wheat tortillas, a nice little drizzle of Ranch, the best tomatoes, crispy bacon, and a generous portion of roasted turkey breast. […]

We Love D’Angelo’s Bread!

Every morning we pick up our bread (fresh!) for the day’s lunches.  Our favorites tend to be sourdough, whole wheat, multigrain, French Seigle Rye and Multigrain Sourdough.  Once you’ve become accustomed to fresh bread with absolutely no preservatives you simply can’t eat anything else!  When you try other breads you immediately notice how light they […]