Tender Weeknight Chicken Dinner

A simple easy weeknight dinner but better yet – a perfect technique you can use again & again. As described here by Melissa Clark of the New York Times, just pound out those breasts to an even consistency, add some salt and acid to ensure a quick brine & keep your juices in – and […]

Curried Hummus with Vegetables

  Putting out a healthy & delicious snack before dinner is always appreciated by guests. If you fill up on cheese & crackers (I’m always guilty of this) then it’s harder to enjoy the main event. Veggies with Hummus are yummy but putting this slight twist on it – curry – makes it much more […]

The Sandbox: My New Co-Working Space

I absolutely enjoyed working at The Sandbox – Santa Barbara’s best co-working space. While I do most of my catering production in my commercial kitchen there is, of course, plenty of paperwork and marketing to keep up on. I often meet with Henry Rosas, a friend, and owner of Common Thread Digital. We plunk ourselves down at a spot […]

Chilled Melon, Lime, Mint & Chile Salad

This Melon Salad with Chile & Lime at Smitten Kitchen is wonderful for summer (I love the generous use of mint!) and has some surprise ingredients that make it better than average: lime juice, chile flakes & pepitas (!). I just made the classic prosciutto and melon dish and essentially used this recipe but left out the pepitas. […]

Simple Curried Chicken Thighs

Curried Chicken – count me in. I love a good slower cooker recipe almost as much as coming home and having dinner virtually made. Curries are wonderful because you get the basic recipe started along with the rice of course; but then comes the fun part – here’s where you can pile on fresh herbs […]

Topo Chico Bubble Water – Yum

Epicurious just posted this article on Topo Chico Mineral Water. I’m intrigued by the rave reviews. Bubble water for entertaining and basic summertime sipping is key and a new option would be welcome; plus the bottle is pretty.  La Croix is one of my current favorites but hey – it’s not like we’re going steady. There are also […]

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Pecorino

This shaved Brussel Sprout salad received rave reviews by the editor at Food 52 so naturally, I am trying it this weekend.  It probably takes all of 15 minutes to make and would be wonderful with roasted chicken which is what I’m making tonight.  Like so many hearty greens that are good for us, Brussel Sprouts are […]

Gina’s Coconut Rose Smoothie – Yum!

It’s summertime and we need chilled yums to hydrate & nourish us.  I love throwing smoothie ingredients into a blender and letting it all come together, but going by recipes can be really fun as well.  This one from Goop is delicious and can be found here – it’s called Gina’s Coconut Rose Splendor – sounds good to me […]

Local Events, Calendars & Links

Santa Barbara, Goleta & Wine Country have a lot of events on the horizon so I decided to post a few different calendars in one place for your bookmarking ease. Whenever I take the time to look at the event calendars I’m always happy to be in the know at what is coming up. There […]

Gorgeous Watermelon Recipes for July

It’s watermelon season and we’re having it every which way here at Lunchbox in order to stay cool.  We’ve been making Aguas Frescas, an amazing Mexican chilled fruit drink – recipe here –and using watermelon any whenever we can. Epicurious has some great recipes and we love this collection of watermelon recipes –  you can find them here. […]