Green Goddess Salad

Green Goddess Salad
Green Goddess Salad with Vegan Cashew Dressing

Need a virtuous salad to kick off your January resolutions? Try this gorgeous Green Goddess version featuring a cashew dressing by The Bojon Gourmetrecipe here. I love her style and this salad in particular has a lot of crunch, texture and flavor in it. I’m a big fan of planning out my detox recipes and to this end one of my favorites is this little gem you pulse up in your food processor – it keeps for days and is packed with vitamins. Winter also has great broccoli – this salad made with such is also a delight. Let 2018 begin with a fresh start!

Sweet Potato Dinner!

sweet potato
Easy & healthy sweet potato dinner idea from April and May

Love the idea of a delicious yet healthy dinner and this simple stuffed sweet potato idea from April and May checks the box. Naturally any stuffing would work; just be sure to include some fresh greens for freshness. I am especially fond of turkey or beef sauteed with Harissa, one of my favorite spices. It’s zingy and has a bit of heat without having the usual chile blends we see so much of in Mexican cooking. If you love sweet potatoes check out my other dinner post Charred Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Oranges.

Pomegranate & Beet Salad Inspo

Beet Pomegranate Salad
Gorgeous Beet Pomegranate Salad

If you’re tired of the same old green salads it’s time to venture to the most interesting items in your grocery store – get out that dusty mandolin and zing up a shaved beet salad in no time flat. Toss on some pistachios and pomegranate seeds and you’ll have a gorgeous salad on the table in minutes. Huffington Post published a list of salads for people that aren’t fond of greens and this one is my favorite from their list. I’m a huge fan of beet salads and posted this Beet & Orange salad previously; always a stunner.

Chicken Salad ‘In The Buff’

chicken and tuna salad
Chicken & Albacore Tuna Salad ‘In The Buff’

So many customers talk about disassembling their chicken salad or albacore tuna salad sandwiches and simply having over their salad… We finally paid heed and created these adorable little containers of our amazing chicken and albacore tuna salads “in The Buff.” You will see these naughty little sandwich fillings appear on your platters occasionally and we hope they are beloved and enjoyed. As we always serve a salad with our sandwich platters you can easily enjoy these little creations with the salads and still get a wonderful filling lunch – minus the carbs if you wish to cut back in that area.

Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad & Albacore Tuna Salad ‘In The Buff’ on a Sandwich Platter

Our classic sandwich platters always contain an assortment of delicious treats for every taste… but now they are even better with the addition of our little ‘In The Buff’ containers – we’re so happy to offer this in addition to our hearty sandwiches for folks who want to steer clear of bread and carbs when they can.  Bon Appetit! If you want to make some albacore tuna salad on your own but add that extra oomph of flavor we are known for, please check out my Sweet Pickle & Celery albacore tuna salad recipe on the Lunchbox blog.


Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with a Cider & Brown Sugar Glaze

Meatloaf during chilly weather always pleases a crowd. For special clients who regularly order lunch for large groups we create individual little meatloaf portions and wrap them in bacon for extra love. Glazed with a tomato/cider vinegar/brown sugar sauce, these little guys are insanely popular and delicious. We serve them with smashed potatoes and a variety of salads and always receive rave reviews. You can use any basic meatloaf recipe and then pat out your little circular patties and simply wrap with a bacon slice prior to baking. I used Ina Garten’s meatloaf recipe and it was not only simple but – hey – it’s from Ina – you can’t go wrong! The glaze topping is something that I threw together on my own and I believe it makes it.

Smashed Potatoes
Smashed potatoes – thin-skinned and soaked in butter: yum

We serve the meatloaf with these wonderful thin-skinned potatoes! They are worth the effort. Just pick up a bag or two of the Gold Potatoes at Trader Joe’s, boil them until tender, drain them, and then smash them onto a cookie sheet. Top with slices of butter, salt, & pepper prior to putting back into a 350 oven for 15 minutes. Top with chives and parmesan if you wish and you’re set. A big bowl of crisp green salad paired with a red wine vinaigrette and crispy chopped carrots and cucumbers will deliver a fresh & crisp element to your meal. Biscuits would be ideal but I also like this served with ciabatta to mop up all of the butter from the potatoes and juices from the bacon. For other savory dinners check out our post on One Skillet Meals – what could be simpler?

Mom’s Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce
Mom’s Cranberry Sauce

My mom’s cranberry sauce is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving.  It’s also unique – no stovetop cooking necessary. You just pulse fresh cranberries, oranges & sugar in a food processor and it’s wonderful & melded the next day.  Lately we’ve been pairing it with Tillamook cheddar & turkey on D’Angelo’s whole wheat to celebrate the season. Of course, it’s also lovely with roasted pork and roasted chicken.

Fresh Cranberry Relish (make the day before you wish to serve)

1 bag fresh cranberries – wash and discard ones that are soft

1 large navel orange – unpeeled

3/4 C sugar – adjust to taste

Quarter orange and remove seeds.  Add raw cranberries and orange quarters to food processor; pulse until pieces are all finely chopped together. 

Charred Eggplant – Yes Please!

Chargrilled Eggplant
Charred Eggplant by @Lauren_Caris

Charr Grilled eggplant is a great idea for a side dish in lieu of the normal starch side.  Not only is it savory and delicious; it’s also gorgeous gorgeous and a bit healthier than say, your typical mashed potatoes or pasta side.  Love how the chef dressed it up with some carrot top pesto.  And if you have a vegan or vegetarian in your midst it fits the bill as a great main for them.  For a weeknight, I’d serve it up with some ground turkey sauteed with harissa for an easy dinner.  Yum!  You can find the recipe here at Lauren’s gorgeous website:  Lauren Caris Cooks.

Love a Beautiful Detox Salad!

Detox Salad
The Ultimate Detox Salad by @TheRoastedRoot

I love a beautiful salad to inspire healthy eating and mix up my usual routine. This one is particularly beautiful and full of gorgeous chopped veggies and nuts. The secret to making uber healthy salads easy to eat and love is to pulse the veggies in the food processor a bit – it breaks down the more fibrous ones and they soften even more after you toss them in their dressing.  You’ll love this one!  The recipe can be found at The Roasted Root website here: The Ultimate Detox Salad. I love the addition of walnuts and sesame seeds.  Yum!

Charred Chicken with Sweet Potatoes & Oranges

Chicken with sweet potatoes
Bon Appetit’s Charred Chicken with Sweet Potatoes & Oranges by @bonappetit

This delish chicken recipe from Bon Appetit checks a lot of boxes – delicious, beautiful, colorful, perfect for a Fall weeknight dinner and perhaps impressive enough for company. The recipe has that double whammy of salty (olives & feta) and sweet (oranges & sweet potatoes) working for it. It’s the perfect thing to surprise your mate with on an October evening. If you’re a fan of perfect chicken dishes then check out one of my other favorites here on the blog – Salt Vinegar Chicken.

Tasty Broccoli Salad

broccoli salad
Broccoli Salad from @nytfood (New York Times Food)

Loving this healthy, easy Broccoli Salad recipe from one of my favorite food writers at the New York Times, Melissa Clark. All of her recipes are solid and she’s a great writer as well. The olive oil and acid “cook” and soften the broccoli for an hour as it sits and what emerges is a delicious and healthy salad you can have for dinner or even save for the next day’s lunch Tupperware. Love this.