Albacore Tuna Salad Is No Cindy Crawford

You will definitely find this easy to believe from the pictures on my website: photographing tuna salad sandwiches is NO small task.  Getting the mixture to look even remotely appetizing is a chore.  We finally gave up and this is the best we could do.  That said, Albacore tuna salad sandwiches are definitely one of my go-to faves.

Lunchbox CFO Inspires New Greek Turkey Recipe

Jane accidentally discovers gold while researching turkey recipes….

Lunchbox’s CFO inspired latest trend in light, healthy & yummy turkey recipe!  Savory hummus (Dan makes ours every week – he is really good at it!), crumbled French feta, fresh cucumbers, salty kalamatas & roasted turkey on wheat make this sandwich a new favorite here at the kitchen.  We will share it soon with the public and see what people think.