Hummus with Cucumber & Tomatoes

Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite go-to websites for inspiration on a lazy weekend. This particular recipe of hummus smothered with a summery cucumber-herb-tomato-onion salad looks particularly delicious and perfect for my upcoming Sunday: a late afternoon lunch with friends and a good bottle of white wine I’ve been saving for some time. Recipes like this […]

Curried Hummus with Vegetables

  Putting out a healthy & delicious snack before dinner is always appreciated by guests. If you fill up on cheese & crackers (I’m always guilty of this) then it’s harder to enjoy the main event. Veggies with Hummus are yummy but putting this slight twist on it – curry – makes it much more […]

Gorgeous Watermelon Recipes for July

It’s watermelon season and we’re having it every which way here at Lunchbox in order to stay cool.  We’ve been making Aguas Frescas, an amazing Mexican chilled fruit drink – recipe here –and using watermelon any whenever we can. Epicurious has some great recipes and we love this collection of watermelon recipes –  you can find them here. […]

Salt Vinegar Chicken

Salt Vinegar Chicken Wings – when I saw this recipe I had to try it.  So delicious – especially with cold chilled beer – on a hot day – yes please!! So while I love traditional wings they can be a BIT MUCH at some point.  So this recipe seems much more doable and delicious […]

Mo’s Smoked Gouda Spread

So apparently there’s this wonderful man at a Whole Foods Market  in California who developed this famous Smoked Gouda Spread. It’s SO AMAZING that they now sell it at all of the stores. I typically don’t purchase too many cheese spreads or cheeses at stores in general because – hey – I have tons of that stuff […]

Beautiful Summer Crostini Station

A crostini station can be a wonderful way to add some glam to your next summer gathering.  With enough care and foresight, you can take your inspiration from above and realize all of the ways to add beauty and natural yum to your little station.  The more intriguing bits & bites you can mix in – […]