Green Goddess Salad

Need a virtuous salad to kick off your January resolutions? Try this gorgeous Green Goddess version featuring a cashew dressing by The Bojon Gourmet – recipe here. I love her style and this salad in particular has a lot of crunch, texture and flavor in it. I’m a big fan of planning out my detox […]

Sweet Potato Dinner!

Love the idea of a delicious yet healthy dinner and this simple stuffed sweet potato idea from April and May checks the box. Naturally any stuffing would work; just be sure to include some fresh greens for freshness. I am especially fond of turkey or beef sauteed with Harissa, one of my favorite spices. It’s […]

Pomegranate & Beet Salad Inspo

If you’re tired of the same old green salads it’s time to venture to the most interesting items in your grocery store – get out that dusty mandolin and zing up a shaved beet salad in no time flat. Toss on some pistachios and pomegranate seeds and you’ll have a gorgeous salad on the table […]

Love a Beautiful Detox Salad!

I love a beautiful salad to inspire healthy eating and mix up my usual routine. This one is particularly beautiful and full of gorgeous chopped veggies and nuts. The secret to making uber healthy salads easy to eat and love is to pulse the veggies in the food processor a bit – it breaks down […]

Honey Dijon Chicken Sandwich

One of our most savory sandwiches is this chicken breast sandwich – it’s sliced thinly by Susan on our slicer so it’s super soft – nice touch! We typically put it D’Angelo’s fresh sourdough along with French feta, arugula and a generous drizzle of our honey grain Dijon. Yesterday we tried it on a soft […]

Spicy Lentil Wraps with Tahini Sauce

The Kitchn is a wonderful blog and they had a summer post outlining the best food for the beach. The post is full of great suggestions. One of their recipes for a vegetarian Spicy Lentil Wrap caught my eye and it’s perfect. Wraps need a bit of zing and this one has that. I added a bit of turkey since I […]

Two Lovely Coconut Mojito Recipes

My book club loves an island style Mojito with fresh mint and lime – but using coconut water in this Coconut Mojito Recipe from The Food Network Kitchen is a genius idea and on my list of summertime cocktails to whip up when friends come over. I also found this recipe which uses Cream of Coconut from a great […]

The Sandbox: My New Co-Working Space

I absolutely enjoyed working at The Sandbox – Santa Barbara’s best co-working space. While I do most of my catering production in my commercial kitchen there is, of course, plenty of paperwork and marketing to keep up on. I often meet with Henry Rosas, a friend, and owner of Common Thread Digital. We plunk ourselves down at a spot […]

Topo Chico Bubble Water – Yum

Epicurious just posted this article on Topo Chico Mineral Water. I’m intrigued by the rave reviews. Bubble water for entertaining and basic summertime sipping is key and a new option would be welcome; plus the bottle is pretty.  La Croix is one of my current favorites but hey – it’s not like we’re going steady. There are also […]

Local Events, Calendars & Links

Santa Barbara, Goleta & Wine Country have a lot of events on the horizon so I decided to post a few different calendars in one place for your bookmarking ease. Whenever I take the time to look at the event calendars I’m always happy to be in the know at what is coming up. There […]