Chicken Salad ‘In The Buff’

So many customers talk about disassembling their chicken salad or albacore tuna salad sandwiches and simply having over their salad… We finally paid heed and created these adorable little containers of our amazing chicken and albacore tuna salads “in The Buff.” You will see these naughty little sandwich fillings appear on your platters occasionally and […]

Love a Beautiful Detox Salad!

I love a beautiful salad to inspire healthy eating and mix up my usual routine. This one is particularly beautiful and full of gorgeous chopped veggies and nuts. The secret to making uber healthy salads easy to eat and love is to pulse the veggies in the food processor a bit – it breaks down […]

Tasty Broccoli Salad

Loving this healthy, easy Broccoli Salad recipe from one of my favorite food writers at the New York Times, Melissa Clark. All of her recipes are solid and she’s a great writer as well. The olive oil and acid “cook” and soften the broccoli for an hour as it sits and what emerges is a […]

Food 52’s 50 Best Salads

Food 52 is full of wonderful recipes, but this collection of Their 50 Most PopularSalads is a favorite post. I keep it on my bookmarks bar for inspiration. I first tried the above Thai-inspired dish – Forbidden Rice Salad with Thai Lime Coconut Vinaigrette. The range is impressive and not a single recipe is likely something you’ve seen before. Their Crunchy […]

Chilled Melon, Lime, Mint & Chile Salad

This Melon Salad with Chile & Lime at Smitten Kitchen is wonderful for summer (I love the generous use of mint!) and has some surprise ingredients that make it better than average: lime juice, chile flakes & pepitas (!). I just made the classic prosciutto and melon dish and essentially used this recipe but left out the pepitas. […]

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Pecorino

This shaved Brussel Sprout salad received rave reviews by the editor at Food 52 so naturally, I am trying it this weekend.  It probably takes all of 15 minutes to make and would be wonderful with roasted chicken which is what I’m making tonight.  Like so many hearty greens that are good for us, Brussel Sprouts are […]

Salad Dressing Tips & Tricks

While I enjoy a simple oil and vinegar salads, I also love more complex salad dressing.  Flavors are crucial, but it’s also important that the dressing coat the salad so that you receive the full effect.  To that end I emulsify my dressings with some yummy ingredients so they are a bit thicker.  For our […]

Summer Salad with Beets & Oranges

Every summer I get out the mandolin and start thinly slicing all manner of items for a crisp summer salad (this one includes zingy oranges as well).  Once they are dressed and salted and peppered and vinegared and sit for a few minutes they become absolutely wonderful as the flavors meld; and they are never […]

Thai Coconut Rice Salad – Delish!

This Thai Coconut Salad is amazing.  Such wonderful flavors and great on its own or paired with grilled chicken or fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. The cashews add a dash of extra flavor as well as a luxury factor that cashews always lend. It’s filling and chock full of fresh vegetables and herbs.  It’s a staple […]

Vegetarian Falafel Summer Salad

Summer salads that are light and healthy are great for Meatless Monday.  After a weekend of dinner parties and meals out I always like to start lighter when the week begins anew.  This recipe from Pure Ella  is a delicious way to mix up your weekday dinner routine:  Falafel Salad Recipe.