Chicken Salad ‘In The Buff’

So many customers talk about disassembling their chicken salad or albacore tuna salad sandwiches and simply having over their salad… We finally paid heed and created these adorable little containers of our amazing chicken and albacore tuna salads “in The Buff.” You will see these naughty little sandwich fillings appear on your platters occasionally and […]

Honey Dijon Chicken Sandwich

One of our most savory sandwiches is this chicken breast sandwich – it’s sliced thinly by Susan on our slicer so it’s super soft – nice touch! We typically put it D’Angelo’s fresh sourdough along with French feta, arugula and a generous drizzle of our honey grain Dijon. Yesterday we tried it on a soft […]

Muffaletta Sandwich (!)

While I love our simple Italian sandwich (see ingredients in menu here)  it’s nice to mix it up and this delicious little recipe   from Epicurious reminds me of how good it can be to zig away from the usual.  Here we have Genoa salami and Mortadella and Provolone play nice with the famous New Orleans Muffaletta spread (olives, herbs, […]

Toasted Pecan & Cherry Chicken Salad

My grandma gave me some special tricks when teaching me how to cook. When she made her mashed potatoes she always told me that she added “something sweet and something sour to balance it all out.” I always took this to heart so whenever I cook I always throw in something sweet and something tart, […]

Mo’s Smoked Gouda Spread

So apparently there’s this wonderful man at a Whole Foods Market  in California who developed this famous Smoked Gouda Spread. It’s SO AMAZING that they now sell it at all of the stores. I typically don’t purchase too many cheese spreads or cheeses at stores in general because – hey – I have tons of that stuff […]

We Love D’Angelo’s Bread!

Every morning we pick up our bread (fresh!) for the day’s lunches.  Our favorites tend to be sourdough, whole wheat, multigrain, French Seigle Rye and Multigrain Sourdough.  Once you’ve become accustomed to fresh bread with absolutely no preservatives you simply can’t eat anything else!  When you try other breads you immediately notice how light they […]

Sandwich Platter Love

There’s an art to a delivered sandwich platter.  You have to solve a lot of cravings in a limited space.  For that reason we try to strike a balance.  There are the big meaty sandwiches for those hungry “meat people.”  Then we usually have something plainer for folks who simply don’t need anything other than […]

Creamy & Crunchy Chicken Salad Sandwich

It’s pure comfort food and wonderfully savory.  You can put many things into a great chicken salad sandwich but my first recipe and the one we use the most from the Lunch Menu  is this one. We add in organic Fuji apples, dried cranberries & chopped almonds.