Tasty Broccoli Salad

Loving this healthy, easy Broccoli Salad recipe from one of my favorite food writers at the New York Times, Melissa Clark. All of her recipes are solid and she’s a great writer as well. The olive oil and acid “cook” and soften the broccoli for an hour as it sits and what emerges is a […]

Tip for Roasted Veggies

Pure Wow offers up a great tip for adding immense flavor to your roasted veggie pan. You just drizzle some white vinegar for extra *pop* on them prior to roasting and watch the flavor intensify in the pan. It’s a great tip; I’ve seen balsamic vinegar used occasionally but the beautiful thing about the white […]

Hummus with Cucumber & Tomatoes

Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite go-to websites for inspiration on a lazy weekend. This particular recipe of hummus smothered with a summery cucumber-herb-tomato-onion salad looks particularly delicious and perfect for my upcoming Sunday: a late afternoon lunch with friends and a good bottle of white wine I’ve been saving for some time. Recipes like this […]

Vegetarian Falafel Summer Salad

Summer salads that are light and healthy are great for Meatless Monday.  After a weekend of dinner parties and meals out I always like to start lighter when the week begins anew.  This recipe from Pure Ella  is a delicious way to mix up your weekday dinner routine:  Falafel Salad Recipe.

Panzanella Salad – Yum!

Fresh Panzanella Salad is easy to make, wonderfully fresh and healthy and perfect for hot days.  It’s also a great way to use up day-old bread.  Just tear your bread up, toss it in a bit of olive oil & salt and then toast in your oven for a few minutes.  Toss it with fresh […]