Spicy Lentil Wraps with Tahini Sauce

The Kitchn is a wonderful blog and they had a summer post outlining the best food for the beach. The post is full of great suggestions. One of their recipes for a vegetarian Spicy Lentil Wrap caught my eye and it’s perfect. Wraps need a bit of zing and this one has that. I added a bit of turkey since I […]

BBQ Chicken Wrap with Cheddar & Chipotle Honey Mayo

We’ve been researching how to make proper wraps by visiting other purveyors and seeing what works (or not).  Most wraps can be dry, flavorless and in desperate need of some acid and moisture without causing the tortilla to become a soggy, lifeless mess.  We visited our fellow sandwich & wrap brethren and learned a lot – […]

Salmon Wrap – Hello Goodness!

I love it when people take wraps up a notch or two and this recipe from Taming of the Spoon definitely does just that.  You can find their exact recipe Here but honestly, it needs little direction.  You just use a wrap to combine your guacamole, roasted salmon, bacon and a bit of romaine or spinach and you are completely […]

Bacon Turkey Club Wrap – So Simple & So Good!

This is such a simple Bacon Turkey Club Wrap but it’s so yummy. Some people do it with just large Romaine lettuce leaves wrapped around turkey and bacon and tomatoes but we prefer whole wheat tortillas, a nice little drizzle of Ranch, the best tomatoes, crispy bacon, and a generous portion of roasted turkey breast. […]