Cotswold Cheddar with Summer Romas & Basil – A Vegetarian Yumwich

Cotswold Sandwich for Catering Lunch Delivery
English Cotswold Cheddar with Summer Tomatoes, Basil & Honey Grain Dijon on Crusty Baguette

It’s hard to not fall in love with Cotswold Cheddar on a summer day when you don’t feel like something heavy and maybe just want a simple vegetarian yum. This tangy chive-infused cheddar is bursting with flavor. Learn more about Cotswold Cheese from the Whole Foods Website. A few tomatoes, fresh basil & a drizzle of honey grain Dijon make this an amazing little sandwich that is perfect for the season.  Vegetarians have to fend off the carnivores when we include these on the lunch platters! check it out on our Menu Page.