French Dijon Chicken Salad

French Dijon Chicken SandwichWe love our French Dijon Chicken Salad sandwich; it’s insanely simple.  Most of our chicken salad is full of these other bright crunchy & sometimes sweet (cherries, cranberries, apple) flavors.  This one is so different & savory; it’s just Dijon, salt, pepper & a little mayo.  We hand-tear roasted chicken breast (as opposed to poaching and chopping) so it has an added edge of savory/salty flavor.  Sometimes we sprinkle in a little feta along with the wild baby arugula, sometimes we just do the arugula or the lettuce.  Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to how menus were originally written in the first place, we just tinker a bit.  But this week everybody is ALL about the chicken salad sandwich.  The torn breast is also sensational over baby spinach with hard boiled eggs and bacon.  Yum.